Becoming a Dialysis Technician in 8 Steps


Complete high school or obtain a GED

Most dialysis technician programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED.


Research dialysis technician programs

Look for accredited dialysis technician programs at community colleges, vocational schools, or online institutions. Ensure that the program meets the requirements of your state’s licensing or certification board.


Enroll in a dialysis technician program

Choose a program that best fits your needs, and enroll to complete the required coursework and training. These programs typically take 1-2 years to complete, depending on the institution and program format.


Complete clinical training

As part of your dialysis technician program, you’ll be required to complete hands-on clinical training under the supervision of experienced professionals. This training helps you gain practical skills in working with patients, setting up dialysis machines, and monitoring treatments.


Obtain necessary certifications

Most states require dialysis technicians to be certified. Depending on your state’s requirements and your preferences, you may choose to become a Certified Hemodialysis Technician (CHT) or a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician (CCHT). These certifications are offered by organizations like the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC) and the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT).


Apply for licensure (if required)

Some states require dialysis technicians to be licensed in addition to being certified. Check with your state’s licensing board for specific requirements and complete the necessary steps to obtain your license.


Create a professional resume

Highlight your education, training, certifications, and any relevant work experience in your resume. Make sure to emphasize your skills and qualifications that make you a strong candidate for a dialysis technician position.


Apply for dialysis technician positions

Start looking for job opportunities in dialysis clinics, hospitals, or other healthcare facilities that offer dialysis services. Submit your resume and attend interviews to secure a position as a dialysis technician.

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