The Certified Professional Biller (CPB)

The Certified Professional Biller (CPB) certification is offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), and it is designed for professionals who work in medical billing. The CPB certification is intended to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of medical billing principles and practices.

Exam Format

To earn the CPB certification, candidates must pass an exam that covers topics such as healthcare industry regulations, HIPAA compliance, medical terminology, and medical billing software. The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions and must be completed in 5 hours and 40 minutes.

Once a candidate has passed the CPB certification exam, they are awarded the CPB credential and can use the designation after their name.


To be eligible to take the CPB certification exam, candidates must have at least one year of work experience in medical billing or a coding credential. Candidates who do not have the required work experience may be eligible to take the exam after completing an AAPC-approved training program.

Renewal of Certified Professional Biller (CPB)

The CPB certification is valid for two years, and credential holders are required to renew their certification by earning continuing education units (CEUs). To renew the CPB credential, candidates must earn a minimum of 36 CEUs during the two-year certification cycle. CEUs can be earned by completing various professional development activities, such as attending conferences, participating in webinars or online courses, or completing self-study courses.

Benefits of Getting the Certified Professional Biller Certification

The CPB certification offers several benefits to medical billing professionals, including higher salaries, increased job opportunities, and professional recognition. It demonstrates that the holder has a comprehensive understanding of medical billing principles and practices, and is committed to ongoing professional development in the field.

Preparation for the Exam

AAPC offers several resources to help candidates prepare for the CPB certification exam, including study guides, online courses, and practice exams. AAPC also offers ongoing professional development opportunities to help CPB credential holders stay up-to-date on changes and advancements in the field.

The CPB certification is a respected credential for medical billing professionals. The certification exam covers a wide range of topics, and the certification must be renewed every two years by earning continuing education units. Holding a CPB credential can lead to higher salaries, increased job opportunities, and professional recognition in the healthcare industry.

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