Nuclear Pharmacy Technicians

unrecognizable scientist examining chemical reagents in research center

Nuclear Pharmacy Technicians

Nuclear pharmacy technicians work in specialized pharmacies that prepare and dispense radioactive materials used in nuclear medicine procedures. They work under the supervision of a licensed nuclear pharmacist and are responsible for preparing and handling these radioactive materials safely and efficiently.

The duties of a nuclear pharmacy technician include:

Preparing and compounding radiopharmaceuticals,

Performing quality control tests on equipment and materials, and

Maintaining accurate records of all procedures and materials used.

They also play a critical role in ensuring that all safety procedures are followed to protect both themselves and the patients who will receive the radiopharmaceuticals.

Nuclear pharmacy technicians must have a strong understanding of radiation safety principles and regulations, as well as the ability to work in a highly regulated and controlled environment. They must also have excellent attention to detail, as even small errors in preparation or handling of radiopharmaceuticals can have serious consequences.

To become a nuclear pharmacy technician, individuals typically need to complete specialized training and certification in nuclear pharmacy technology, in addition to any required pharmacy technician education and certification. The specific requirements for nuclear pharmacy technicians can vary depending on the state and employer, so it is important to research and understand the requirements in your area.

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